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Finance - FAQs

Why wouldn’t I go directly to the bank?
By using a Mortgage Adviser you are not limiting yourself to that one bank or lender, Mortgage Advisers can find the bank/lender that best fits your situation. We shop around to get the best deal, comparing the interest rates, cash contribution (where applicable) and the deal that can potentially save you costs associated with your home loan.

Does a mortgage broker cost?
We get paid our commission through the bank or lender on the settlement of your lending.

What banks do you use?
We can approach all of the NZ main banks. We also have access to non-bank lenders who offer lending for more complex situations.  

Are you easy to get hold of, as we find our bank quite difficult to contact?
We work for you and pride ourselves on being available to help your through the process at times that work for you   

What kind of costs can we expect when buying a property?
You should be prepared to have costs associated with your home loan, including the cost for a registered valuation, solicitors fees, builders report and any other due diligence you would like to carry out. The costs for these can vary depending on location and property.

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